Are you ready for the new millenium? Have you noticed how fast things are changing and how small the world is now?

We can live the good life if we are useful, otherwise we can just survive. And how can one be useful ? Well, if you are able to meet the necessities of someone, be it as a business or as person, then you have a place in this world. If you are not able to meet the needs of the market, and the market can be customers, communities, families and even friends, then you are history.

If we look at world history, taking an economic approach, we will see that one has always lived from meeting the necessities of others. Four thousand years ago, if you were in Egypt and needed to visit another village, just 20 miles from your place, you probably would travel using the animal traction. If you wanted to go farther, let's say, to Europe, you would depend on the wind and on the muscles of slaves who would row endlessly until you reached your destination. And remember, there had to be a boat too, wooden made, handmade.

This is how the necessity of traveling was met.

Advancing in time, if you were in Europe, not 4 000 years ago, but just some four hundred years ago, you would still depend on the same agents to meet the same needs.

Someone who knew how to operate a boat or a coach four thousand years ago, would have little difficulty in learning how to run the same vehicles four hundred years ago. Little had changed through the centuries.

If you wanted to send a message to someone in Egypt, back four thousand years ago, you would need a messenger to personally carry it for you. It wasn't too different four hundred years ago too.

Now think of how much and how fast the world has been changing in the last 50 years! We have gone through the century of inventions, we have gone through the century of discoveries, and we are right now cruising the century of speed. Changes are taking place at an enormous speed. Are you ready for this? Are you prepared to meet the needs of others and, consequently, meet your own necessities, reaching your goals?

Communication is key nowadays and so is the capacity of establishing commercial ties with different people, in different places, with different necessities and cultures.

Therefore, think about this: have you strategically planned your future? have you analyzed your strengths and weaknesses and compared them to several possible scenarios? What opportunities may time present you with? What threats can jeopardize your plans?

What about selling your products abroad? Why not penetrate into new markets, with the assistance of a well prepared professional who can help you identify opportunities and optimize your strengths so that you can always reach higher ?

If you wish your life to be better in the future, if you really want to be more successful, then the time has come for you to seriously consider the chances of International Trade, even the chances of relocating your business or your activities.

Contact Celso Leite, an experienced professional who can assist you in finding the best strategy to put you in a differentiated and sustainable position that no other competitor will reach in the nearby future.

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